How important is having four-wheeled vehicle insurance?

You may have driven a four-wheeled vehicle carefully, put on a safety belt, and obeyed the applicable traffic signs. Unfortunately, the same is not necessarily done by other drivers.

It is not impossible, carelessness of others threatens the vehicle, even your safety. Not only accidents, acts of crime such as theft can actually happen to anyone.

Fortunately, there is a four-wheeled vehicle insurance that can minimize financial losses experienced when such an undesirable condition occurs. Thus, the loss borne is not as big as the actual loss.

However, having a four-wheeled vehicle insurance means you must pay a premium. How is the benefit obtained? The answer, of course, is comparable. Origin ... can choose the ideal insurance for use.

Having a four-wheeled vehicle insurance is one method of maintaining a healthy financial situation. The benefits obtained can be greater than the premium paid.

When there is a risk, the insurance company will bear the losses we experience, so the financial burden that we feel becomes much lighter.

After all you know, a four-wheeled vehicle is an asset that requires not a small amount of money in buying and maintaining it. Therefore, it is only natural to plan a budget well to keep the asset points from decreasing, one of them is by having four-wheeled vehicle insurance.

Commonly aware of the importance of having four-wheeled vehicle insurance, first understand the type of insurance that the four-wheeled vehicle has in order to avoid confusion when choosing.

Typically, insurance companies provide two types of four-wheeled vehicle insurance, namely four-wheeled vehicle insurance all risk and total loss only (TLO). Understand the differences between the two through the following explanation.

The difference in four-wheeled vehicle insurance is all risk and total loss only (TLO)

1. Four wheeled vehicle insurance all risk

After its name, four-wheeled all-risk vehicle insurance provides protection for all possible losses. Regardless of the percentage of damage large or small.

Benchmarking, this insurance also provides an extension of guarantees covering damage caused by floods, riot cases, and other protections.

In some insurance companies, four-wheeled vehicle insurance all risk is often often referred to as comprehensive insurance or combined insurance.

2. Four wheeled vehicle total loss only (TLO) insurance

Insurance coverage for four-wheeled TLO vehicles only incurs a loss of more than 75 percent of the price of four-wheeled vehicles or loss due to criminal acts, such as theft.

{But | But there is minor damage with a loss of under 75 percent of the value of a four-wheeled vehicle, the loss of such things will not be borne by the insurance company.

Instead, 75 percent is applied as an assumption that the damage that occurs in four-wheeled vehicles has made four-wheeled vehicles unable to be reapplied.

For example, if a four-wheeled vehicle is broken into and stolen while parked, the TLO four-wheeled vehicle insurance will incur financial losses. Except, if the four-wheeled vehicle is only scratched so that the resulting losses are confirmed to be below 75 percent of the price of four-wheeled vehicles, the insurance company will not provide compensation.

With comprehensive guarantees, four-wheeled vehicle insurance premium rates are all higher risk than insurance for four-wheeled TLO vehicles. Thus, if you expect complete protection, choose four-wheeled vehicle insurance all risk. Except if you want to save and feel cautious enough to drive, insurance for four TLO wheels is enough for you.

Therefore, the two types of four-wheeled vehicle insurance, in vehicle insurance, is also known as the term third party liability (TPL), which is insurance that guarantees protection from third party claims. Third parties are anyone involved in an accident with your car.

If, the four-wheeled vehicle that you drive was involved in an accident with another four-wheeled vehicle containing three people, and all three were injured. Car treatment rates for the three passengers will be borne by the insurance company.

Or if the passenger is fine, but the car is damaged, the cost of repairing the four-wheeled vehicle can be borne by your insurance.

But already familiar with the type of four-wheeled vehicle insurance that fits your needs, here are two choices of insurance for the best four wheeled vehicles 2019 that can be chosen.

2 recommendations for the best four-wheeled vehicle insurance

1. Sinarmas Car Insurance

Sinarmas car insurance offers three types of protection, namely combined and TPL, TLO and TPL, and only TPL.

Combined Sinarmas insurance guarantees losses caused by accidents, criminal acts, fires, lightning strikes, accidents during crossings with legitimate crossings under government supervision, as well as losses due to guarding, transporting, or withdrawing to workshops or other places.

Asuransi Sinarmas TPL provides guarantees covering compensation claims from third parties, in the form of treatment rates, bodily injuries, treatment rates, and deaths.

Meanwhile, for the insurance of the four-wheeled Sinarmas TLO vehicle, the guaranteed risk is the cost of repairs or replacements in the event of damage that is the same or more than the price of the four-wheeled vehicle insured.

You can also apply for extended guarantees, including accidental damage such as earthquakes and tsunamis, personal accident insurance for drivers and passengers, and obtaining additional fees in the form of ambulance fees and transportation costs when the car is in the middle of the road.

One of the advantages of Sinarmas car insurance is that you can submit purchases online through the Sinarmas website, and submit claims directly to the workshop that has collaborated with Sinarmas.

2. ACA Otomate car insurance

Aca Otomate Insurance offers car insurance in package form which is equipped with various attractive facilities, such as four-wheeled wheeled vehicles to four-wheeled vehicles.

Customers also have the right to get a new car, if the car they own has a total loss. The condition is that the four-wheeled vehicle is only six months old from the date of purchase.

But experiencing unpleasant events, such as breaking down cars on the road, customers can take advantage of roadside assistance facilities to request the assistance of ACA vehicle technicians immediately at the scene.

When you want to want to make a claim, the customer does not even need to go to the ACA branch office. Because, available mobile claim facility, is a claim survey service directly at the customer's premises by ACA officers.

To purchase ACA Otomate four-wheeled vehicle insurance, you can fill out the Buy form on the ACA website. Tips, just waiting to be contacted by ACA insurance officers.

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